Absence Meaning in Urdu

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Matlab: عدم موجودگی، غیر حاضری
Roman: Adam mojoodgi, ghair hazri
Talafuz: Ab-sence

Usage & Sentences of Word Absence

  • 1. His ABSENCE was felt by everybody.
  • 2. Please don’t go to his home in his ABSENCE.
  • 3. Your ABSENCE in the meeting shows that you are not interested in this project.
  • Explanation of the Word

    The word absence is a noun and is normally used when somebody is missing or not present at some place. If there is some occasion, party or meeting etc and if a person is not present there then the word absence is used. In addition to this if any evidence or proof is not given in court or inquiry then it is said, 'in the absence of proof or evidence the person is not found guilty'. In simple terms you can say that absence is the opposite of presence.

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    Absence Meaning in Urdu

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