Raja Amir Alam

Raja Amir Alam is the pattern-in-chief of Alams, a most senior and the eldest family member. An old person who is 93 years young and is staying at Alam House. His educational qualification according to him is one and a half classes. However he operates his own computer very efficiently. A very active old man, Raja Amir Alam is always busy in doing something.

He is Ma-sha-Allah above 92 years and still drives his own car himself. An extremely confident and hard working person who is always keen for the betterment of the country and the area.

Raja Amir Alam is the senior most person in the whole family and relatives and enjoys the respect and honor of everybody. Always keep praying for every body who meets him. People from other villages visit him to seek his advise on different life matters.

This website is up and running only due to the cooperation and prayers of Raja Amir Alam.

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