How to Improve Your Spoken English Skills?

spoken english

Speaking good English is the dream of many people and they strive hard in learning it. Some of them like to join an institute for Spoken English course while others just rely on their own efforts. Whatever method you use it is better to improve your spoken skills of this foreign language. The best and the only […]

Future of Web Technology in Pakistan

web tech

Web technology is getting very popular in Pakistan by each passing day as more and more people are getting connected to the online world. Use of internet is increasing at a rapid pace and people are getting awareness about the latest web technology. There was a time when very small number of people of aware […]

Importance of Naming a Child Wisely


When a new child is born in the house the first and the foremost thing is to give him or her a beautiful name. Starting from grand parents to the youngest baby in the house is keen to name the baby. That is why baby names are searched and talked to come out with the best baby […]

How Inspirational Quotes Affect Your Life?


Whenever we face some problems we refer to our elders to seek guidance and solution for the problems. There comes time when you cannot disclose your weaknesses to others so you try to solve the problems yourself. But even for that you require some knowledge and information about the matter. So the best way is […]

Alams Blog Launched

Alams blog has been launched to share the updates and important developments on the main website the inspirational portal. We hope you will get the best online user experience as we have plans to make it one of the most useful site for online audience. Inspirational quotes or aqwal-e-zareen are liked by everybody as […]

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