Buying Web Hosting in Pakistan Wisely

Number of webmasters and bloggers is increasing in Pakistan everyday due to the availability of internet connections to every nook and corner of the country. As more people are getting awareness about online business so they are trying their best to make websites/blogs and enter the arena of online world.

Due to this requirement of web hosting is also rising as all these webmasters need to showcase their websites online. Seeing the growing requirements of web hosting in Pakistan number of people started offering hosting services to them. Unluckily there are no proper hosting company in the country that owns hosting servers and other infrastructure located within the country.

Most of the hosting companies operating in Pakistan are re-sellers or a few of them have rented dedicated servers from foreign hosting companies. If you are a serious business online then it is in your own interest to buy hosting wisely. Always avoid one man hosting company where a young boy with a laptop bag on his shoulders enters in your office and give you a cheap hosting package.

Most of the people get over carried with the personalized service they are getting right at their door step. Such web hosts are working part time and may vanish after getting a good job. So you will not be able to continue your hosting. One of friend got hosting from a similar type of one man hosting company and after a year or so that man is not traceable and his business website and domain is in deep trouble.

Of course there are some very good web hosting companies in Pakistan that have proper offices located in the major cities and they are doing excellent job. So to avoid trouble in future try to search for a web host that have a office and a land line number preferably in your own city. This will allow you to visit him whenever you need to.

Though giving hosting support to the customers round the clock is not very common in Pakistan due to shortage of tech guys and resources. However you can still find some companies providing such support. It is better that instead of relying on hosting advertisements on the internet, you personally visit the hosting company and then sort out the details with a live person. This is important as it will relive you from many troubles and problems afterwards.

In the major cities like Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad you will find good hosts that can fulfill your requirement and can even tailor the hosting packages according to your desire and budget.

Since web hosting matters are serious technical in nature and very few people have the full expertise on managing the servers so the hosting problem continues in Pakistan. There are no courses run in any institute that can train individuals in this technical field.

The science and technology ministry should take interest in this booming industry and train individuals in hosting matters. In addition to this they should also encourage the hosting companies that are presently providing services to their clients. Same goes for the domain registration in Pakistan that is also an overlooked field and people have to buy expensive domain names from foreign registrars.

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