Broker Meaning in Urdu

Broker meaning in Urdu for your knowledge is given below.

Matlab: ایجنٹ، سودا کروانے والا، خریدار اور بیچنے والے کے درمیان رابطہ کار
Roman: Agent, soda karwane wala
Talafuz: Bro-ker

Broker Meaning in English

1. A businessman who buys or sells for another in exchange for a commission.

2. Person who facilitates buyer and seller of product, services or anything.

Usage of Word Broker

  • To be successful in stock market you have to select the right broker for this purpose.
  • Real estate brokers are very sharp and will force to close the deal quickly.
  • To become a good broker you have to be master of the game and good conversationalist..

  • Synonyms of Broker

    agent, factor

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    Broker Meaning in Urdu

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