Careers in Engineering

By: Ejaz Alam | Topic: Career & Job

Due to the immense development in science and technology fields the engineering careers are also getting in high demand. Whether it is a progress in construction work, telecom sector or auto sector, engineering careers are everywhere.

After graduating with science subjects, a student may opt to become and engineer. Engineering is a broad field with several branches but mainly three are four most desired careers in engineering.

1. Civil Engineer
2. Electrical & Mechanical Engineer
3. Telecom Engineer

We will briefly touch upon each of these careers:

1. Civil Engineer: Careers in this field are very rewarding. There is lot of construction work taking place in every city. Several roads, bridges, plazas and factories are under construction. It is the civil engineer who plans and supervises all the construction work.

After doing your FSc (pre engineering), you need to seek admission in an engineering university to pursue your studies for civil engineering degree. To be an engineer one has to be extremely proficient in math and calculations.

2. Electrical & Mechanical Engineering. This is another very important field of engineering. As the name employs it is concerned with autos and heavy working machinery. Some of the graduates of this discipline are operating big profitable auto workshops. Others enjoy privileged and highly paid jobs in government and private sectors.

Well-qualified electrical & mechanical engineers are granted direct commission in Defense Forces.

3. Telecom Engineers. Due to the rapid growth in telecom industry the job market for telecom engineers is always hungry for well qualified persons. There are number of mobile phone companies mushroomed up in few years. They are all in a dire need of telecom engineers. There are also lot of multinational telecom companies who need local engineers.

Due to the growing need and rapid development in telecom sector, qualified engineers are offered very competitive salary and lot of other benefits.

Though studies for engineering degrees are very tough and one has to study a lot but the reward is also very big. It is a white collar and highly respected job.


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