Careers in Show Biz

By: Ejaz Alam | Topic: Career & Job

Due to the opening of numerous TV and radio channels in the country, new career opportunities have been created for young people. Show business as the name implies is the business of showing your talents. Whether as a good speaker, drama artist, singer, writer or technical expert.

Career opportunities in show biz are endless. Every channel is hungry for new talent and something creative. Persons in showbiz are highly rewarded, not only monetarily but also earn fame and respect from their viewers. You can opt to enter showbiz in the following fields:

1. Drama Artist. If you are good at conversation, possess a presentable personality, can control your emotions, speak well, full on confidence, then you can opt for a drama artist.

2. As a Host. If you are a witty speaker, can think fast, you are humorous, have sufficient knowledge on current affairs then you may be selected as an anchor person or host of certain talk shows etc.

3. Singer. If you can sing well and can face the audience, you may get a chance on TV or radio channels.

4. Technical Fields. If you can operate video camera, are good at editing, lighting, set designing or any technical field then you can get a chance in the channels.

Show Biz Scams

Yes I agree that this is the main problem with almost everybody interested in showbiz careers. A lot of young people are scammed by fraud production houses. They advertise in local media stating that fresh talent is required. When boys and girls approach them then they make false promises to cast them in upcoming serials or films.

On account of audition the candidates are charged certain amount of money. Another way of doing this is by asking the potential candidate for a photo shoot and some money is asked for photograph expenditures.

Ask yourself a question that what is the use of getting yourself photographed in different poses and finally getting all your snaps in a beautiful album plus CD for 5000 bucks. I think you can do it yourself better at home.

Remember not every production house does the same. Only a few of them scam the people but they get closed very soon. Of course there are very good production houses who really are in search of new talent.

How To get a chance In Show Biz?

If you are serious in showbiz careers then search for some reputable production house or if possible approach the TV/radio channels directly. Use your common sense and try to assess the credibility of the production house. You need not spend your money with closed eyes.

If the production house is genuine and well working then they will never ask you money for audition. Normally such houses are short of time and if they find some spark in you, they will invest in you.

Though searching for a good production house is a difficult and laborious job for some of you. However you can be benefited by your hard work. At the same time keep on polishing your talent. Carry out daily rehearsals, keep yourself fit and top class condition. Any day can be a golden day for you. GOOD LUCK


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