How to Become a Doctor?

By: Ejaz Alam | Topic: Career & Job

Someone asked that which two fields are inter related and financially rewarding to? The answer was food business and to be a doctor. This is because people surely like to eat and after eating to much they will certainly fall ill thus needing a doctor.

Well, that was the lighter part but the actual fact is that medical career is the most important profession. Due to contaminated water, impure food and fast moving lifestyle of the society has put a number of people on health risk. New and never heard before diseases are popping up every now and then.

For becoming a doctor, after completing your FSc (pre medical) you need to seek admission in medical college. Few years back a new test is introduced for admission in medical colleges. There are lot of controversies on this test.

If you pass the admission test, you will be granted admission in medical college. You have to study for about five years and after passing the requisite test you get a MBBS degree (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery).

After becoming a doctor you need to practice your knowledge under the supervision of senior doctors for some time which is know as house job. Successful house job qualifies a doctor to practice independently.

It is a fact that a number of MBBS doctors are not satisfied with their profession. Some of them do opt for CSS or other jobs. The reason maybe that job market for simple MBBS doctors is saturated. You will see a number of clinics on every nook and corner and doctors are not earning much.

To be successful in this career you need to study further to become a specialist of something, as eye, ENT, medical or heart specialist. No doubt being a doctor is a highly respectful and rewarding profession but for highly qualified, specialist doctors. Simple MBBS may not benefit much.

If you have a large circle of friends and family and your clinic is at a place where no other doctor is around. And your dealing with your patients is also good, you can also flourish even being a simple MBBS.


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