How to Become a Lawyer?

By: Ejaz Alam | Topic: Career & Job

Being a lawyer is a very dignified and resourceful profession. Since they are law experts so you see lot of people seeking legal advise from them. For all the young graduates, who wish to pursue their careers as lawyers a brief guideline is stipulated for their guidance.

To become a lawyer you need to get a LLb degree from the university offering law programmers. The LLb degree takes about three years to complete. It is not must that you get admission directly in the university. All the major universities have decentralized LLB degree program.

There are number of private colleges in every city who have been authorized to run LLB degree program. They prepare the students after charging their own fees. When the respective university announces examination date, these colleges assist students in registration and admission process.

Finally an examination centre is declared by the university for the students. All exams, paper checking and result finalization are carried out by the respective universities. The colleges only act as an agency to facilitate the students.

The three years LLB degree is divided into three parts. The students takes each part separately. After passing the parts, he is promoted to the next part. This way it gets easier to pass the LLB exams in parts.

Students who qualify the exams are granted the LLB degree and they become a lawyer. The potential lawyer register himself at the bar of the city in which he wants to practice law. Before getting a practicing license he has to undergo internship with a senior lawyer.

After that, the senior lawyer grants him a certificate, which he presents to the bar. The bar officials after satisfying themselves grant him the license to practice law independently. So now a person become a complete lawyer who can practice law independently.

Now the new lawyer have to depend on his contacts and PR to get cases. Fees depends on case to case basis. Difficult and complicated cases pays more than ordinary cases.

Intelligent lawyers do not discontinue their studies after LLB. They take up further specialized studies in different fields. It includes income tax laws, property laws and corporate laws etc. The lawyer need to keep himself abreast of new laws and rules and regulations as and when enacted by the government.


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