Joining Pakistan Defense Forces

By: Ejaz Alam | Topic: Career & Job

Defending one’s country or contributing to its defense is always been a great honor for everybody. It is considered as a sacred duty and a noble profession. Those who are lucky enough to be a part of the defense forces of Pakistan are always looked upon with dignity and honor.

We are lucky in this regard that every year thousands of young people are trying to be part of defense forces. Young boy’s keenness and enthusiasm is a true reflection of their love for their motherland.

Primarily defense forces of Pakistan comprise of three branches:

1. Pakistan Army
2. Pakistan Navy
3. Pakistan Air force

To join any branch of defense forces you need to qualify certain selection tests in addition to academic qualifications. After you complete your intermediate with minimum second division, you can apply for selection in the defense forces.

Preliminary tests are conducted at respective recruitment centers which are located in almost every major city. If you qualify in these tests then you will be interviewed and undergo preliminary medical test. If you are found physically fit and up to minimum requirements of height, weight and physique, you may get a call letter for further detailed tests/interviews at ISSB (Inter Services Selection Board).

Remember your selection purely and solely depends on merit list. It is a sort of competitive exam. Persons with higher total will be selected. Some boys who are not selected are seen saying that “I didn’t had any safarish that’s why I am not selected. Stay away from such people. There is 0% element of such things. Remember SELECTION IN DEFENSE FORCES IS PURELY BASED ON MERIT.

Tips For Joining Defense Services

1. Prepare yourself thoroughly according to the required standard.

2. Always be confident and trust your abilities.

3. Never ever think of safarish or links when applying for defense forces. Anybody saying that it works must be a rejected and dejected person. Stay away from such people.

4. Always work hard and trust Allah Almighty alone. If it is in your destiny then it will surely happen.

5. Never discontinue with what you are doing, until and unless you get a final call.

6. Practice IQ tests, public speaking and adopt good interview skills.

7. Defense forces don’t need over smart or under smart boys. Be normal and pose what you are and never get conscious of anything.


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