Absurd Meaning in Urdu

Absurd meaning in Urdu, explanation & sentences are given below for your knowledge.

Matlab: بیہودہ، بے سروپا، نامناسب، غیر موزوں
Roman: Be-hooda, na-munasib, ghair mozun
Talafuz: Ab-sard

Usage & Sentences of Word Absurd

  • 1. Whatever you are talking about is totally ABSURD.
  • 2. I always dislike your ABSURD talks.
  • 3. The discussion about brands in the meeting was ABSURD.
  • Explanation of the Word

    The word absurd is an adjective and is normally used for things, talks that are totally irrelevant and not required for the occasion. It is also used for the dressing up of any person, where it looks strange and out of fashion or shabby clothes. It is used to convey your disliking for some thing.

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    Absurd Meaning in Urdu

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