Adversity Meaning in Urdu

Adversity meaning in Urdu, explanation & sentences are given below for your knowledge.

Matlab: آفت، مصیبت، نحوست
Roman: Afat, musibat, nahoosat
Talafuz: Ed-ver-city

Usage & Sentences of Word Adversity

  • 1. We are grateful to you for your help at this time of ADVERSITY.
  • 2. Don't worry please this ADVERSITY will pass soon.
  • 3. Only courageous people can bear the ADVERSITIES of life.
  • Explanation of the Word

    The word adversity is a noun and is used for some difficult or bad time, any natural calamity or hardship. When a person gets in to some problem like sudden death, illness, or any other problem that is difficult to bear or tolerate then this word is used in conversation

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    Adversity Meaning in Urdu

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