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Matlab: یقیناً، ضرور، واقعی، دراصل، بے شک
Roman: Yaqeenan, zaroor, beshuk
Talafuz: In-deed

Indeed Meaning in English

1. In truth (often tends to intensify)

2. An expression of surprise, scepticism, irony etc.

Usage of Word Indeed

  • 1. It is getting very cold INDEED.
  • 2. I am grateful INDEED for your kind help at this time of adversity.
  • 3. They said the team will lose the match and INDEED it did.
  • Explanation of the Word

    The word INDEED is used as an adverb and interjection both according to the situation. It helps to intensify or increase the importance of whatever you want to say. When you want to emphasize a thing or fact then you use this word, to force or to increase the intensity of any thing this word is used.

    Indeed ka matlab hai yaqeenan, waqai, zaroor, dar-asal, jub aap ne koi baat zor de ker kerni ho to is lafz ka istemal kia jata hai. agar aap kisi se koi baat ker rahe hein or darmyan mein koi aisa nuqta ya point aa jata hai jis per aap ko zor dena parta hai to us waqt is word ko use ker sakte hein.

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    Video dekhne ke badh or ooper di gai information samjhne ke badh umeed hai ke aap ko lafz indeed ka matlab samjh aa gya ho ga.

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