How To Avoid Financial Crisis?

Almost everyone of us have experienced agony of financial crisis at one time or the other. Let's face it financial crisis is very hard and it often leads to mental tension and depression. These days money related tensions are at a rise. How many out of us ever thought why we got into such situation which leads us to such a position?

You surely need something for your living, may be less or more. However getting trapped into financial disaster is not only limited to less earners but even a person who earns a handsome amount may encounter such situations.

You must have often felt that you earned a lot of money this month but after paying your bills and fulfilling other needs you are still falling short. You are left with nothing extra to fulfill your pending desires and you get into financial stress. You hold your head and start thinking that you have spending wisely then why it is getting difficult to make both ends meet.

Yes we agree that you have been spending wisely throughout the month but there must be something that must be missing. May be a good amount of your money have been leaking from your kitty without letting you to notice it. It may be a very small amount which you let go unintentionally. You don't even consider that amount as big. No..... okay, have you ever considered switching of extra bulbs in the rooms which are not in use ? Have you ever thought of taking your own lunch to your office?

There are hundreds of such small things towards which most of us do not pay much attention. We consider them to be small things. we think that saving petty 10 bucks will not make us rich. If this is the case with you , you may need to change your thinking. Remember this small amount which you let go waste can add up into thousands after some times.

If you closely pay attention to such small leakages in your kitty, you surely will be in a position to avoid financial crisis. Imagine some extra 300, 600 extra bucks in your pocket without having to work for them.

"Hmmm, I like this, I want this" and a small magic card appears out of your pocket and there you go. Have you ever asked yourself "whether I really need this..." well most of us just tempt ourselves, dictate ourselves, find some supporting excuses for us and then just go for the thing we desire ( want).

Of course I never mean to say that you don't get what you desire. However it will of more pleasure to you if you get it from your saved amount instead of disturbing your monthly budget. Here you have to observe strict financial discipline?

See for yourself in your house or rooms. You will certainly find lot of things which were not urgently required by you. Your drawers and cupboards might be stuffed with such items which you have used once or maybe twice.

"He who buys what he does not need steals from himself" ...Unknown

You need to clearly differentiate between your wants and needs. Remember needs have to be fulfilled immediately whereas wants can be carried forward for some time. void the temptation and never try to get a thing on the basis that others are having it. Be yourself and have your own individual personality. When you have disciplined yourself you will not be tempted by your desires. As a result you will never be trapped into financial crisis and surely no more financial stress.

Vernon Howard very wisely said,

"You have succeeded in your life when all you really want is only what you really need. "

Final Word

We all agree that financial crisis only come when our earning and spending lacks balance. We start spending more than we earn. Resultantly we face financial crisis leading to stress and depression. It can only be avoided if we understand the importance of small savings which add up into big amounts. we have observe strict financial discipline which guides us to differentiate clearly between our legitimate needs and unnecessary desires and wants. HAPPY FINANCIAL SUCCESS.


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