Common Health Problems of a Businessman

Lot of people say that life of a businessman is very easy. He just goes, sits in his office and work but the actual fact is that the life of a businessman is very tough. He has to undergo a lot of physical and mental exertion in order to make his business a success.

In the process of business a busy businessman finds less time to pay proper attention towards his health. A number of businessman are victims of unhealthy foods. A survey of number of businessman reveals that there are certain health problems which are common in most of the businessmen.

High Blood Pressure

A busy businessman has less finds to relax and enjoy. He is mostly under stress, because there are lot of things on his mind and number of unsolved issues bother him constantly. Therefore this lifestyle if continues for a longer duration then chances of one’s developing blood pressure are high.


Great number of senior executives tend to spend most of their time on a office table. They remain busy in signing of files and meetings etc. This allows them very little time for any physical activity. So they start gaining weight very quickly.

To counter this you must develop a regular habit of exercising early in the morning or late evenings daily. If this is not possible then try to find some time in any part of the day. But do plan some physical activity in your daily schedule.


This is common particularly in businessmen whose business involves lot of public dealing. Whenever somebody visits them, he is offered tea, coffee, juice etc. Traditionally the host has to accompany the guest. Therefore taking all the sugary drinks more than the required amount causes this health problem in a businessman.

Tell your guests that you just had it or if it is must then go for ‘no sugar’ tea and drinks. The best is to avoid as much as possible.

Stress & Fatigue

Reportedly a very large percentage of businessmen have no fix office timings. They enter the office before nine and may sit till late night. They have no rest schedule. Therefore they are see complaining of stress ,fatigue and sleeplessness. So most of them develop friendship with tranquilizers.

Yes business is business and cup of tea is cup of tea. You surely have to strike a balance between your office and personal life. Your business is definitely very important to you but the importance of good health can never be ignored.

If you are healthy then you can work more and your business can flourish. If you develop a serious health problem and get hospitalized, it will waste much of your time. You have to leave your office, which may create lot of problems. So the best remedy is to pay the required attention towards your health.


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