Health Hazards Of Being Overweight

To be smart and trimmed is the dream of many. To lose extra weight on your body you surely have to do something. Lets face it losing weight can prove to be quite a tough challenge for many of us. But remember it has taken years to deposit that unwanted fats on your body and now it will take some time, patience and lot of hard work to melt it down.

Remember there is no magic formula for losing weight overnight rather it is a complete process which needs to be mastered.

Medical research indicates certain ailments which are worsened or caused by obesity. It includes heart diseases, diabetes, hardening of arteries, high blood pressure, digestive disorder, liver and gall bladder troubles, backache, joints pain etc. Body coordination is also effected with excess fat because it gives the body muscles an extra load to carry. That is why eco slim are getting very popular all over the world as it helps you to lose weight in much shorter time.

Mostly obese people remain emotionally disturbed. Overweight people need more than normal amount of sleep. They always feel tired and are simply too weary to do a days work efficiently. Who wants to be stared at or whispered? So their social life often gets disturbed.

According to a big insurance company’s life expectancy chart and recent stats, the death rate for overweight people ranged up to 75% higher than that for men of normal weight. For overweight women the rate was as much as 61% above normal. Moderately obese people had a death rate of roughly 50% above the national level.

Lets us break this down a little further. People who are 15 to 20 pounds overweight are invariable obese and have a death rate of 10% higher than normal. The rate grows proportionately higher with the poundage at an average of one year per pound. So every extra pound you put on increase your chance of dying before time.

Do consider these figures carefully and then see your own figures. There is more than glamour involved in keeping slim. Rather it can be a matter of life and death.

You may not need to get alarmed or worried about this. If you fall into the above category then just take an action to reduce your weight. Merely sitting and sighing about the extra pounds on your body will not solve the problem. Adequate nutrition, sensible exercise and hygiene are aspects of physical health under your own control, for this purpose if you use some good slimming tea then you will get better results.. The only thing required from you is action. Happy Weight Loss


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