How to Curb Your Appetite For Weight Loss?

Do you want to curb your appetite for losing weight ? Well most of the over weight people face this problem. For a successful weight loss plan you need to schedule everything, from diet to exercise and everything is done at a fix time.

During your weight loss program it may happen that you feel somewhat hungry and want to chew something. But to make your weight loss program successful you have to curb that craving to eat. Yes you have to curb your appetite till a given time. What can be done to curb or lessen your appetite? In addition to this there are certain foods that can help you to reduce your weight.

  • Foods That Help You To Lose Weight

  • One of the way to curb your appetite is to consume a smaller portion of such foods which contain high amount of natural fiber and proteins. We will discuss some of the natural foods which can help to keep your appetite checked.

    1. Drink Water

    Of course water contains almost no calories. If you feel hungry between two scheduled meals, drinking about two glasses of water can help you. It will create a sense of fulfillment and will assist you to wait for the time at which you can have your planned meal.

    2. Eat Salads & Green Veggies

    Research proved that salad as cucumber, tomatoes, salad leaves and vegetables like Kale, cabbage, carrot reduces your hunger significantly. These contain very low calories and can prove to be efficient appetite suppressants. Be careful not to drink water after eating raw salads and vegetables.

    3. Take Fruits

    Fruits like peaches, apples are rich in natural fiber and sugar. Normally a person on diet faces declining blood sugar levels and loss of energy. Such fruits’ natural sugar will help boost your energy and keep your stomach full that will curb your appetite till you have your planned diet.

    4. Lean Meats

    The main aim of eating to curb appetite is to reduce the intake of unnecessary sugar, carbohydrates and fats. To gain the sense of fulfillment you may like to have some broiled fish or a small piece of chicken. Try your best to avoid roasted meat. Proteins contained in lean meats tend to take a longer time to get digested. Therefore it can help you to curb your appetite for a longer duration.

    5. Dry Fruits & Nuts

    According to some diet experts dried fruits as almonds and other nuts are full of natural fiber and proteins. This fiber gets digested slowly and gives you ample time to remain full. However you should not get over excited and consume only small portions. Taking larger amounts may affect your regular diet plan.

    6. Milk, Coffee & Tea

    Non-fat milk diluted with water can also prove to be excellent appetite suppressant. Remember not to add any sugar into it. However half a spoon of natural honey can prove to be a very nourishing diet. There are some very good natural weight loss tea that if consumed regularly after meals can help you to lose weight to a large extent.

    7. Weight Loss Supplements

    Yes there are certain weight loss supplements in the market that reduce your hunger, speed up the metabolism thus helping you to lose weight fast. Though there are many with big claims but Eco Slim in Pakistan is one of the most popular weight loss supplement that is used by thousands men and women for this purpose.

    Final Word

    When you get hungry your body starts consuming your body fats for energy. If you are on a diet then try to bear the hunger till your planned time. It will help you to reduce a lot of body weight. You have to bring your will power into action to abstain from eating. If at all you can’t resist the craving to eat then go for high fiber, protein rich foods as told above. I am sure the above advice will help you to curb your appetite for a successful weight loss plan. HAPPY WEIGHT LOSS


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