How To Get Rid Of Snoring?

Snoring is one of a sleep related disease which is affecting a large number of people. The person with this problem cannot sleep properly and get awaken several times during his sleep. As a result he is not fresh in the morning. It surely has a bad affect on physical and psychological health.

The problem gets more severe if you have a roommate who gets disturbed due to your snoring. A big number of couples divorce each year due to this serious problem. Luckily a lot can be done to combat this snoring problem. If it gets severe you may like to seek medical advice. However you can help yourself with some effort. Try the following:

Watch Your Weight

Ninety five percent of the people with snoring problem are overweight. Fat deposits on the tissues in the back of the throat causes this problem. Losing weight will not only help in reducing snoring but is also good for your overall health.

Alter Your Sleep Position

Most of the people who snore are seen sleeping on their back. This allows less air to enter the lungs and the person snores. Sleep on your side and the best side is your right side. Sleeping on the left may push your heart. In addition to it raise the head of the bead but it shouldn’t be very high.

Watch Your Diet

Dairy foods tend to thicken the mucus and may be a cause for snoring. If possible avoid or reduce the intake of dairy foods immediately before sleeping. Otherwise consume them at least 3-4 hours before your bedtime. Similarly watch your alcohol consumption. Excess of alcohol is also a cause for snoring. Avoid medicines without subscription from an expert doctor.

Before Going To Bed

It is good to have a nice warm shower before going to bed. However if this is not possible do clean your teeth, clear your throat and nasal passages. Your breathing path should be clear for smooth passage of air in and out. Nasal strips and decongestants can help in opening up breathing passages. These are easily available in the stores.

Seeking Medical Advice

If the problem still persists then it is advisable to consult a specialist doctor. Some of the techniques used by doctors is the use of CPAP ( continuous positive airway pressure) machine. A mask is used which blows air. A dentist may also be helpful to you in this regard.

If the problem get very worse then you may have to go through some minor surgeries. Tonsils may have to be removed with adenoids. Well there are different surgeries which correct the tissues abnormalities and increase the size of the airway.

Final Word

It is an accepted fact that snoring does create lots of problems to an individual. They may be physical, psychological or marital. It may occur occasionally or be a regular habit. Whatever the case may be, you should try to get rid of it by using the above methods. Always consult your doctor if the problem persists. SWEET DREAMS

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