How To Nourish Your Hair Naturally?

Looking after your hair is very important in order to get a classy and fashionable look. Almost everybody is concerned about his hair and that is why several hair products can been seen in the market making wild claims. Our hair also require certain vitamins and minerals to maintain their lustrous, shiny black color.

Some of the nutrients which have positive affect on the health of our hair are given below:

Vitamin A. It helps a healthy scalp and give luster to our hair. It is mostly found in orange and yellow fruits and dark green vegetables.

Vitamin B. This vitamin regulates the secretion of oil, keeps hair healthy and moisturized. Fresh cauliflower, tomatoes, cereals, liver, kidney, yogurt and banana are rich in vitamin B.

Minerals. Minerals like zinc, iron and copper promote healthy hair. Foods rich in zinc are red meat, chicken and green vegetables. You can find iron in beef, dried apricot, meat, eggs, parsley, wheat and sunflower. Foods rich in copper are egg yolk, whole grain, crab, oyster, cashews and almonds.

Proteins. A good amount of proteins give your hair natural shine and good texture. It is contained in dairy products, whole gram, cereals, meat, soy and milk.

Avoid foods loaded with artificial colors and preservatives as they put strain on your digestive system and can lead to bitter hair and dehydrated scalp. Maintain overall good health, carry out deep breathing in fresh air and your hair will get healthier. If you have some medical problems with your hair then Nizoral shampoo in Pakistan is the best solution for it as it is one of the best medicated shampoo available in the market.

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