Importance of Eating Rightly

Eating is of course a most important factor in the physical and mental fitness of a person. You can add many years to your life by revising some of your eating habits. People don’t die rather they kill themselves at the dining tables, lunch counters and banquet hall of the world.

The question, what to eat implies on almost unlimited variety of foods to choose from. People usually decide the matter in one of the two ways:

a. They eat what they please.
b. They eat what is best for them.

Those who eat what they please, become slaves to their appetite. If they like a food they eat it. They argue that appetite is a safe guide and for proof some cite the way animals choose their food. Those people who choose their food in light of what is best and thus make their appetite the servant of their intellect are the wise people.

Before a person can choose wisely, he must know what food provides the nutritional elements his body needs. If you are wise enough to select proper foods for yourself then you can add several years to your life. Even more important than that is you can have a life and vitality to those years. Two most important factors for eating rightly are:

1. If you want to live longer and to keep the body in good working order you must eat more of the foods rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals. Foods like meat, fish, eggs, fruits, salads and lightly cooked vegetables.

2. You must eat less of the high starch food like breads, excess sugars, candies etc. They may tickle and appease the appetite but give your body nothing needed for repair.

It is as simple as that for you to maintain health and live a lot longer than you may have thought possible. It goes without saying that your body chemistry cannot make the right materials unless it gets the right foods to work on. The wonderful thing about your body is that under ideal conditions it can rush to the defense of some injuries or worn out part and needed repairs quickly.

All this can only happen if your body gets the right fuel and substances with which to do such a useful task. That is where the right kind of foods come in. They help the chemical laboratory within your body to get in good working conditions.

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