Proven Ways to Shed Extra Weight Forever

Most of the people who want to lose weight, desire to see overnight results. There are certain medicines which burn fat quickly but with lots of side effects which may prove harmful to the health but weight loss tea that with no side effects can help you to lose weight and get required nourishment also. There effects may also be temporary therefore it is very important to adopt such methods to lose weight which have no ill effect on your health.

You may like to proceed as follows.

Reduce your calories intake by 400 to 1000 calories per day, depending on your body size and the amount of weight required to be lost. A person consuming 2500 calories and is gaining weight slowly and wants to lose 30 pounds, might reduce his intake to 2000 calories.

This daily reduction entails no major sacrifice and will not make you hungry or weak. In no instance should the calories intake go below 1200 per day as it may cause dangers of nutrient deficiency and pronounced lowering of basal metabolic rate.

While you are rearranging your eating, move towards a more healthful diet. This diet may be at lowest of fat, cholesterol, caffeine, salt and sugar. This means you will consume fewer meats, whole eggs, full fats dairy products and soft drinks and more fresh fruits and vegetables, grains, fish and poultry.

Determine to stay on this new food plan for at least a few months but don’t look upon the reduced calories diet as a permanent feature of your life. Remember healthful foods are permanent, dieting is a temporary therapeutic measure to help achieve phase one of weight loss.

While you are starting your new diet, begin your exercise program slowly but progressively. Check with your physician if you have been sedentary for a long time and are over 40, or if you have a chronic health problem.

It must be an endurance type exercise, in which eventually you will breathe hard and work up a sweat. You should reach the point where you can exercise continuously for 30 to 45 minutes, with a warm-up and a cool-down period, for 3 to 5 sessions a week. If you want some weight loss supplement to supercharge your weight loss target then Eco Slim in Pakistan is one of the best solution in the market these days. It will speed up the process and you will be able to lose weight in much shorter duration.

Choose something you can do with pleasure, brisk walking, running, cycling, swimming, aerobic dancing or perhaps roller skating. For most sedentary people, power walking (in which you walk rapidly with a pronounced arm action) is probably the best way to begin. Once you have decided on the sports you like, forget exercise and think of the sessions as your play periods.

It is the mental transition from work to play that will allow you to achieve phase two of your weight loss plan. This also is your lifetime maintenance of a suitable weight.

The most important thing is to ensure your success is to proceed gradually. Your tendons, ligaments and muscles need time to adjust to your new lifestyle. It took years to get out of shape, so allow yourself a few months to get back into shape.

Walk a mile a day the first month and two miles a day the second month and so on. You may need as long as a year to fully establish your play program and become fit.

When you have lost the desired weight, some change is required, lest you fade away to nothing. The safe and healthful course is to retain a good level of exercise. This will allow calorie intake to rise to balance energy expenditures and keep body weight stable. Remember your goal is not only to lose a few pounds quickly and then rest for the whole life. This is a weight loss plus a lifetime fitness program. Happy Weight Loss


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