Pakistani Recipes in Urdu

Pakistani recipes in Urdu for the ladies to cook tasty foods for their family and relatives.

  • Aaloo Gosht Recipe in Urdu
  • Badami Korma Recipe in Urdu
  • Beef Korma Recipe in Urdu
  • Biryani Recipe in Urdu
  • Boti Kabab Recipe in Urdu
  • Coconut Pulao Recipe in Urdu
  • Kofta Pasande Recipe in Urdu
  • Matar Pulao Recipe in Urdu
  • Seekh Kabab Recipe in Urdu
  • Shaljam Gosht Recipe in Urdu
  • Shami Kabab Recipe in Urdu
  • These Pakistani recipes in Urdu are collected from various sources and are provided for the information of our website visitors. Ladies are mostly interested to find some good recipes so that they can cook tasty and delicious foods for their family and friends. Keeping in view of the valued lady visitors on our website we have created a special channel of Pakistani recipes so that they can benefit from it.

    We have added recipes in Urdu so that the ladies can easily understand them, as they are Pakistani recipes and the ingredients used in them is Pakistani so using Urdu language is the better option because the English words for ingredients are not easily understandable for most of the ladies.

    We hope that you will surely like these Pakistani recipes in Urdu and will share them with your friends.

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