Ambiguity Meaning in Urdu

Ambiguity meaning in Urdu, explanation & sentences are given below for your knowledge.

Matlab: ابہام، شک
Roman: Ibham, shuk
Talafuz: Am-bu-gyu-ti

Usage & Sentences of Word Ambiguity

  • 1. I hope there is no AMBIGUITY in todays lesson.
  • 2. If there is any AMBIGUITY in todays discussion then clarify it from the manager.
  • 3. Clear all your AMBIGUITIES about the company before going for the interview.
  • Explanation of the Word

    The word ambiguity is a noun and is used when there is some doubt or mis-understanding about any thing. Sometimes a matter or thing has two meanings or a person want to says a thing in such a way that others may take the meaning otherwise. In class lessons there may be some doubt left in understanding of the basic concept then the word can be used. In short if something is confusing due to having dual meaning then you can use this word.

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    Ambiguity Meaning in Urdu

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