Appreciate Meaning in Urdu

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Matlab: داد دینا، قدر کرنا، قیمت یا ویلیو بڑھ جانا
Roman: daad dena, qadr kerna, qeemat barh jana
Talafuz: Upree-shee-eyt

Usage & Sentences of Word Appreciate

  • 1. I APPRECIATE your kind help in this difficult time.
  • 2. The teacher APPRECIATED me for getting 90% marks in the exams.
  • 3. He got rich because his property APPRECIATED in value quickly.
  • 4. The gold prices APPRECIATED significantly that itgot out of reach of the poor people.
  • Explanation of the Word

    The word appreciate is a verb and has two meanings, one is to encourage someone (shabash dena), praise someone on a good action, success in test, interviews etc. When your friend or relative does something good or achieve something then you use this word to encourage them. Second meaning is, when a property, gold, currency or any metal or commodity whose price or value increases with passage of time or suddenly then it is said that the value or price has appreciated. So you can use this word according to the situation.

    Jumlon mein istemal or video dekhne ke badh umeed hai ke aap ko lafz appreciate ka matlab samjh aa gya ho ga.

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    Appreciate Meaning in Urdu

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