Convey Meaning in Urdu

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Meaning: بات پہنچانا، بیان کرنا، بتانا
Roman: Baat ponchana, byan kerna, batana
Talafuz: kun'vey

Usage & Sentences of Word Convey

  • 1. Please do CONVEY my best wishes to your father.
  • 2. You must CONVEY my feelings for her, so that she feels happy.
  • 3. If you don't CONVEY to him what I told you, he will continue doubting me.

  • Explanation of the Word

    The word convey is used as a verb, when someone wants that his words, talks or feeling should be known by other person then he uses help of others who can tell them about this, then this word can be used.

    Convey ka matlab hota hai koi baat kisi tuk ponchana, jub koi chata hai ke us ke jazbat, khialat ya koi khas baat kisi doosre shakhs ke zariye se kisi tuk ponchai jai to ye lafz istemal kia jata hai.

    Umeed hai ke ooper di gai information or video dekhne ke badh aap ko word convey ka matlab samjh aa gya ho ga.

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    Convey Meaning in Urdu

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