Immense Meaning in Urdu

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Word: Immense
Meaning: بہت بڑا، وسیع، زبردست
Matlab: Bohat bara, waseeh, zabardast
Talafuz: i'men(t)s
Grammar: Adjective

Usage of Word Immense

  • 1. His father left an IMMENSE property and wealth for him that is why he is leading a happy life
  • 2. There lawn is so IMMENSE that you can play football there.
  • 3. I had an IMMENSE experience by meeting with him.
  • Explanation of the Word

    The word is used to describe something that is very huge, spacious or very big, something of great intensity. When you want to say that something is very big and want to increase its intensity then this word can be used.

    Immense ka matlab hai bohat bara, waseeh, kushada, jub aap ne ye kehna ho ke koi cheez bohat hi barhi hai, or us per zor dena ho to ye word istemal ker sakte hein.

    I hope the meaning of immense in Urdu is clear to you now, if not then watch the video below that contains easy explanation of the word.

    Video dekhne ke badh or ooper di gai information samjhne ke badh umeed hai ke aap ko lafz immense ka matlab samjh aa gya ho ga.

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    Immense Meaning in Urdu

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