Presence Meaning in Urdu

Presence meaning in Urdu is given below for your knowledge.

Meaning: حاضری، موجودگی
Roman: Hazri, mojoodgi
Talafuz: pre'zun's

Explanation of the Word

The word presence is a noun and is used to show that one is present there. If a person is present on any occasion, party, meeting, marriage ceremony or at any given place then this word is used

Presence ka matlab hai kisi jaga per moojudgi, hazri, agar koi function ya party ho, koi meeting ho ya koi bi khas jaga jahan per koi mojood ho to ye lafz use kia jata hai.

Usage & Sentences of Word Presence

  • 1. Your PRESENCE at this occasion is very important, as all your relatives will be there.
  • 2. Please ensure PRESENCE of all members at the meeting as the CEO wants to make important announcement.
  • 3. Her PRESENCE on his birthday shows that she is interested in him.

  • Umeed hai ke ooper di gai information or video dekhne ke badh aap ko word presence ka matlab samjh aa gya ho ga.

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    Presence Meaning in Urdu

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