Defendant Meaning in Urdu

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Matlab: مدعا علیہ، جس پر مقدمہ ہوا ہو
Roman: Mudah alia, jis per muqadama hua ho
Talafuz: di'fen-dunt
Grammar: Noun
Meaning: A person who is being sued or accused

Usage & Sentences of Word Defendant

  • 1. The DEFENDANT was issued the court summon to appear in person or through his lawyer on Monday.
  • 2. The lawyer told the DEFENDANT to be confident while answering the questions in the court.
  • 3. The attorney asked for a heavy amount of money from the DEFENDANT of the murder case.
  • Explanation of the Word

    The word defendant is used for the person or institution against whom an action is brought in a court of law. Any body against whom any law suit has been filed is known as defendant.

    Defendant ka matlab hai mudah alia, yani ke jis per koi muqadma hua ho, or wo adalat mein us ke liye jawab deh ho us ke liye ye lafz istemal kia jata hai..

    Umeed hai ke ooper di gai information, jumlon or video se aap ko lafz defendant ka matlab samjh aa gya ho ga.

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    Defendant Meaning in Urdu

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