Lawsuit Meaning in Urdu

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Word: Lawsuit
Matlab: مقدمہ، عدالتی کاروائی، دعویٰ
Roman: Muqadma, adalti karwaui, dawah
Talafuz: lo-soot
Grammar: Noun
Meaning: Any proceeding in a court of law whereby an individual seeks a legal remedy.

Usage & Sentences of Word Lawsuit

  • 1. They filed a LAWSUIT against the tenant for not paying the damages to their property.
  • 2. If you don't abide by the terms of the agreement you might have to face a LAWSUIT from them.
  • 3. He is in dire need of money as he is facing a LAWSUIT against him.
  • Explanation of the Word

    The word lawsuit is used for legal proceedings when a person seeks a legal remedy from the court of law. If the rights of any person are infringed or he thinks that he is wronged by any person then he can file a lawsuit in the court to seek help and remedy against that person.

    Lawsuit ka matlab hai muqadma, dawah ya qanooni karwai. Jub bi kisi ke haqooq ghasb kiye jate hein ya koi aisi harkat ya karwai ki jati hai jo ke khilaf-e-qanoon ho to jis ke khilaf ye sub hota hai us ka haq hai ke wo adalat se rabta kre ta-ke us ko us ka haq mil sake. Is tmam karwai ke liye us ko muqadma kerna parta hai jis ke liye ye lafz istemal kia jata hai.

    Umeed hai ke ooper di gai information, jumlon or video se aap ko lafz lawsuit ka matlab samjh aa gya ho ga.

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    Lawsuit Meaning in Urdu

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