Patient Meaning in Urdu

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Meaning: مریض، بیمار شخص، صابر، قانع
Roman: Mareez, Sabir
Talafuz: pey'shunt

Explanation of the Word

The word patient is used in2 forms, and you should be careful in using the word in your conversation. One of the meaning is mareez, when a person is sick then he is called a patient. The second meaning (adjective) is when a person bears or endures anything against his will and do not loses temper then he is known as a patient person .

Patient ka matlab hota hai mareez, bemaar shakhs or doosra matlab hai sabar kerne wala, mutahamil mizaj shakhs, jo apni marzi ke khilaf baat ko bi tahamul se bardasht ker le..

Usage & Sentences of Word Patient

  • 1. The doctor told the nurse to look after the PATIENT properly.
  • 2. The PATIENT is getting healthy after good medication and eating better diet.
  • 3. Our teacher is a very PATIENT person, he excuses most of our faults..
  • 4. Please be PATIENT everything will be fine and you will come out of this adversity soon.

  • Umeed hai ke ooper di gai information or video dekhne ke badh aap ko word patient ka matlab samjh aa gya ho ga.

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    Patient Meaning in Urdu

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