Almas Organic Farms

Alams Organic Farms provide you with organic superfoods like Aloe Vera and Moringa to supercharge your health and wellness. The term organic is used for the products and foods in which there are no pesticides and fertilizers used.

All the products are grown naturally using totally organic and natural fertilizers like fully de-composed cow dung composte, vermi-composte and other fertilizers that are totally natural and organic. No harmful chemical fertilizers are used on the organic crops and if the need occurs then natural treatment is resorted to.

The management of Alams Organic (pvt) Limited keep a close eye that no trace of inorganic fertilizer passes near our farms and we are extremely strict on this issue. We have ZERO tolerance policy about inorganic and chemical fertilizers and sprays.

At present we are in the process of developing totally organic Aloe Vera and Moringa farms where our respected customers can get excellent quality and totally organic Aloe Vera and Moringa.

We have conducted a solid and thorough research on the crops and after several tests and tials Alhamo-Lilla we have started producing highest quality of Aloe Vera and Moringa for you.

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